Joutsen Rahoitus

Joutsen Rahoitus (now knows as UB Rahoitus) was the first company to get crown funding permission for company loans in Finland from Finnish financial supervisor (FIVA). Our team consisted of three people and the goal was to create a market place that is trustworthy, follows the legislation in Finland and is profitable.

concept design

The mission was to create a crowd funding market place for company loans, especially make it equally attractive to investors and companies searching for funding. The key was in creating an unbiased, transparent and effective evaluation process to qualify the financial status of a company to be funded. Concept design included finding the right partners and extensive competititor analysis both in Finland and international.


Company name, logo, colors and typography (2015-2016). New slogan and identity sharpening in co-operation with Ville Paija (2017).

uix design

Design of ui-elements was based on Bootstrap 3 and AngularUI. The ui set had to be very clear but easily adjustable whenever new use cases emerged. The ui had to serve wide range of different users (loan applicants, both individual and corporate investors, investment brokers and our own staff) and keep the user experience consistent and simple enough.

frontend development

Most of the frontend development in CakePhp and AngularJS for both web application and public website. Web application contained of several different services for different user groups like loan applicants, investors, investment brokers and our own staff.

copywriting and seo

Everything from user guides and public announcements to website marketing texts and actual advertising materials as well as SEO for the public website. The most challenging part of the writing process was to internalize the language and terms of the finanacial world and make it understandable for everyone involved.

marketing materials, documents and user guides

All marketing materials, user guides and document templates (print and web). Marketing plan in co-operation with Ville Paija (2017).